Our National Board Search Practice works with you to recruit strong, qualified board members and helps ensure that your board is functioning as effectively as possible.

Recruiting for strong and qualified board members requires a more nuanced approach than traditional executive recruiting. Supporting the selection of Directors demands a thorough understanding of the organization and stakeholders, which only occurs by taking the time to truly understand the opportunities and challenges they’re facing. The role of Conroy Ross Partners is to engage with the board as a trusted partner and strategic advisor to ensure a diligent, transparent and fair process is followed. Coupling our informed understanding of the board and organization’s needs with our deep knowledge of governance best practices and an appreciation for the unique responsibilities of a board, we are able to source not only great candidates, but the right candidates.

We have deep respect for the complex and critically important role that a board plays in representing the best interests of the organization. Each member of our Board Practice has experience recruiting for boards, consulting to boards, and participating personally as board members. We believe this powerful combination of skills, education, experience and geographic scope uniquely positions us to help you with your board recruiting needs.

Board Assessments

Our board expertise goes beyond just search. Even the best boards require a periodic review to reflect, identify and plan. Our experienced team can work with you to design and administer Chair, Committee, and Director assessments to help ensure your board if functioning as effectively as possible.

Our Difference

We Have Local Knowledge. Each member of our National Board Search Practice has lived and worked in their local communities for many years, giving them a deep personal knowledge of contacts and potential candidates. We work as a team, collaborating on every board search to ensure you have access to the broadest possible pool of candidates.

We Are Experienced. Our National Board Practice is made up of our most senior search practitioners each of whom has extensive personal and professional experience working with boards in both the public and private sectors. Across Canada, we have conducted board searches for large, international publicly traded companies, government agencies, academic institutions, and not-for-profits.

We Are Strategic. We are thoughtful and purposeful about our recommendations. We understand the challenge of building a board that is collegial and works well together while still valuing members’ individual opinion.

We Are Diverse. Our National Board Practice brings a diverse range of education, experience, and viewpoints to each project we undertake. We also understand that a range of diverse viewpoints on a board can lead to stronger and more effective governance.

Acquisition Annoucement

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