We absolutely believe that we only succeed when our clients succeed. But sometimes our colleagues and our firm are recognized in the media. Here are a few articles that feature our story:

Optimum Talent Announces the Acquisition of Conroy Ross Partners – Read More

Peter Zukow Joins Executive and Professional Search Firm Conroy Ross Partners – Read more

Optimum Talent and Conroy Ross Partners Join Forces and Acquire Toombs Inc. in Vancouver, BC –
Read more

Mike Bacchus, Conroy Ross Partners’ CEO, was appointed as Board Director, Americas for IIC Partners – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners to Lead Presidential Executive Search for Olds College – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners merges with Optimum Talent Executive Search – Read more

Conroy Ross and IIC Partners share the results of their 2013 Global Succession Planning Study – Read more

IIC Partners Awards Jim Conroy Lifetime Achievement Award – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners aquires Toronto-based Funnel Search Group – Read more

Greg Pocherewny speaks to the Financial Post about the demand for engineers in Western Canada – Read more

Badeia Jawhari, an Edmonton Consultant, was featured in an article in the University of Alberta Business Alumni Association magazine – Read more

Carolynne Bruha, an Edmonton Principal, named one of Edmonton’s Top 40 Under 40 – Read more

Megan Demers, Conroy Ross Partner’s Controller, was named one of Edmonton’s Sizzling Top 20 Under 30 – Read more

Conroy Ross Partner’s selected to find new Chief Executive Officer for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce – Read more

Greg Pocherewny, a Calgary Partner, speaks to the Calgary Herald on the importance of incentive planning in today’s labour market (July 2012) – Read more

Darcy Verhun, Conroy Ross Partners’ Managing Partner in Calgary, is panelist at Ernst & Young’s Alumni Reunion – Read more

CMC’s Consult Magazine interviews Greg Fieger, Office Managing Partner – Regina about building a better community, his involvement in Kidsport and the rewards of volunteering – page 21 (Fall 2011) – Read more

IIC Partners names Conroy Ross Partners as champion in leading cross border transactions in executive search (November 2011) – Read more

Alberta Venture talks to Conroy Ross Partners’ Antara Spitzig Gabinet about engaging and attracting high profile candidates for her clients – Alberta Venture (September 2011) – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners congratulates Michael Brown on his new appointment as Chief Executive Officer and President of Calgary Municipal Land Corporation – Calgary Herald (August 2011) – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners celebrates Jim Conroy’s retirement. “Saying goodbye to Calgary business leader Jim Conroy” – Calgary Herald (May 2011) – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners is proud to work with Calgary Municipal Land Corporation in their search for a new CEO (April 2011) – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners’ Scott Doupe and Greg Pocherewny quoted in Calgary Herald article “Renewed demand for workers” (March 2011) – Read more

Greg Pocherewny of Conroy Ross Partners quoted by the Calgary Herald regarding demand for financial accountant positions (November 2010) – Read more

Scott Doupe talks about new demand for executive skill set in climate change (January 2010) – Read more

Leader Post – Conroy Ross Partners congratulates Greg Fieger on being named a Fellow of the Certified Management Consultants of Saskatchewan (December 31, 2009) – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners’ Greg Fieger and Sean McLean are Forecasting Your Future with the Calgary CFA Society. (December 2009) – Read more

Darcy Verhun, Conroy Ross Partners’ Managing Partner of their Business Advisory services, is panelist at CMC Alberta’s 2009 Management Consulting Conference – Read more

Sean McLean, Partner, Conroy Ross Partners, quoted in Globe & Mail article “Sweet tweets, sweet job leads” (June 9, 2009).  One would be hard pressed to find a recruiter these days who doesn’t rely on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to match an employer with the right candidate says Sean McLean, Partner with Conroy Ross Partners, a Calgary-based executive search firm. Being active on these social-networking sites can really give a boomer-aged job hunter an edge, he says. – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners’ Managing Director sits on panel at conference on “Creating success – preparing for growth and prosperity in the economic recovery” Michael Ross, Managing Partner of Conroy Ross Partners, will be one of four panelists addressing the topic AFTER THE DEAL: IMPROVING THE INTEGRATION PROCESS at the 7th Annual Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference in Denver, Colorado on March 11 & 12, 2009. Increasingly, leaders understand that integrating two companies is as much an art as a science. Conroy Ross Partners provides integration services that include experienced counsel and a proven method to navigate this complex process… – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners raises over $22,000 in support of the Calgary Prostate Cancer Foundation (January 2009).  With “Leadership + Growth” as their motto, executive search/business advisory firm Conroy Ross Partners put their money where their mouths are (or just above) by growing moustaches for prostate cancer during the month of November. – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners announces Greg Fieger as Partner (January 13, 2009).  Dedicated to bringing our clients innovative leaders and the most strategic thinkers, we are extremely proud to welcome our newest partner, Mr. Greg Fieger. – Read more (pdf)

Coverage from Royal Alexandra Hospital’s 2008 Campaign for Prostate Health – Conroy Ross Partners grows support for local Prostate Health Campaign (December 18, 2008) “…Eighteen men from the firm’s three locations (Edmonton, Calgary, Regina) participated and, along with their female colleagues handling promotion of fundraising, raised a total of $37,500…” – Read more (pdf)

Leader Post – Greg Fieger helps Conroy Ross Partners expand into Saskatchewan (December 3, 2008) “…Fieger decided to join Conroy Ross Partners as it was expanding into Saskatchewan. Fieger said he was attracted to work with a ‘team of professionals’ with high ethical standards…‘We’ll grow as the market demands. We’re open for business, right now today.’” – Read more

Conroy Ross Partners announces Sean McLean as Partner; Dustin Anderson and Monica Simpson as Principals. (November 27, 2008)  “Our commitment to growth for our clients through business advisory and executive search solutions, starts with a commitment to finding true leaders for our team.” –Read more

National Post – Oil party hits the skids (November 8, 2008)  “…Headhunter Mark Hopkins, a partner at Conroy Ross Partners Ltd., said he hasn’t seen a slowdown in oil and gas recruiting yet, but demand for talent is shifting smaller companies and start-ups that used to be big hirers are scaling back, while bigger companies with solid financial positions are still moving ahead…” –Read more

Edmonton Journal – Exciting Times Ahead for Organization Helping Young Children (October 5, 2008)  “McCaughey, who is a consultant with the placement firm of Conroy Ross Partners, joined the Birth to Three Society board after moving to Edmonton in 2004 from Bermuda. In Bermuda, she spent five years with a non-profit organization that worked with children and families that were impacted by AIDS. Joining the board allowed McCaughey to continue to provide services for children and families in need.”  – Read more (pdf)

Beyond Compliance – Finding Directors with Talent, Time and Independence (September 2008).  “With the thanks of the Chair, that last, long-serving friend-of-a-well-connected-friend is finally leaving the board of directors and a replacement must be found.” –Read more

Coverage from Priddis Greens Charity Classic Tournament (August 24, 2008) “…the recent 10th annual – which was held in Bill’s memory – saw 57 teams of golfers take to the links and succeed in raising an impressive $450,000 in support of the Calgary Prostate Cancer Foundation…”  – Read more (pdf)

Calgary Herald – Calgary Rides with Stampede Fever (July 13, 2008).  With more than 600 guests confirmed in attendance, Conroy Ross Partners held it’s 12th annual Stampede Luncheon at the Calgary Petroleum Club. – Read More (pdf)

Alberta Venture Names Jim Conroy to their Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People (July 2008).  “Success is (mostly) about who you know, and Jim Conroy has to have one of the fattest Rolodexes in the province…”  – Read more (pdf)

Business Week Names Jim Conroy to their 100 World’s Most Influential Headhunters (January 10, 2008) “…I also like people that have been ‘knocked down’ once or twice in their careers but have managed to get back up, dust themselves off and take their careers forward.”  – Read more

Acquisition Annoucement

Optimum Talent Announces the Acquisition of Conroy Ross Partners

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