White Papers

  • Analyzing Future Leadership
    Assessments serve as a robust tool that empower companies to make informed decisions when managing their human capital strategy. Through several case studies, IIC Partners explores how Assessments can enhance a succession plan, identify successful candidates, discover hidden talent and enable future leaders.
    Analyzing Future Leadership
  • Leading in Difficult Times: The Four C’s of Success
    In early 2016, Conroy Ross Partners held a leadership event that included three panelists speaking about their experiences and insights when leading during difficult times. In this white paper, we summarize the learning from this dialogue and share the ‘Four C’s’ that are critical to effectively leading in difficult times: Corporate Strategy, Communication, Culture and Cautious Optimism.
    Leading in Difficult Times
  • Inside Inclusive Leadership
    Diversity is at the forefront of organisational change and globalisation. These shifts driven by innovation and transformation are challenging leadership teams and corporate cultures to adopt a more inclusive approach to hiring and workforces. In IIC Partners’ latest Emerging Leadership Series feature, Ilham Kadri, President, Diversey Care Division of Sealed Air Corporation explores the advantages of diverse leadership teams, gender inequality across the globe and the traits that define a truly successful leader.
    Inside Inclusive Leadership
  • Inside Innovation
    IIC Partners’ Emerging Leadership Series feature, “Inside Innovation” explores managing creative teams, aligning emerging trends with business strategy and maintaining a leading innovative edge over competitors. IIC Partners interviews Ty Beltramo, Chief Innovation Officer of Tweddle Group, an international automotive communications and publishing solutions organisation. Mr. Beltramo offers his unique perspective on leveraging innovation and leadership teams across an organisation.
    Inside Innovation
  • Recruiting in the World of Private Equity
    Private Equity (PE) plays an important role in the Canadian economy and business landscape. As both PE firms and their investments have grown, so has their need for top talent. In this paper, Conroy Ross Partners explores the importance and implications of recruitment within this industry.
    Recruiting in the World of Private Equity
  • Prescription for Leading in Tougher Times
    During these uncertain economic times, clients often ask where they should be focusing their time and attention. Reflecting on past experience and utilizing best practice models, Conroy Ross Partners has put together their prescription based around five areas for leading in tougher times.
    Prescription for Leading in Tougher Times
  • Trends Driving Change in the Energy Sector
    Like so many industries, the energy sector is being impacted by an overall shortage of skilled talent at the senior level.  In this white paper, IIC Partners interviewed five specialist search consultants from its Global Energy Practice Group to discuss how the changing energy landscape is impacting the need for senior executives across the industry, and the key role executive search firms play in identifying and recruiting top talent.
    Trends Driving Change in the Energy Sector
  • Is Your Workplace an Attraction and Retention Tool?
    There are many factors that influence an organization’s ability to attract and retain talent. One of the less obvious ones is the physical work-space. In this paper, Conroy Ross Partners explores this topic and shares findings on the role the workplace plays in attraction and retention.
    Is Your Workplace an Attraction & Retention Tool?
  • Attraction & Retention: The New Reality of Leadership
    On January 29, 2013 Conroy Ross Partners hosted a Leadership Luncheon, which included a panel comprised of three key senior members of Calgary’s Oil and Gas community. The luncheon was moderated by Black Tusk Leadership’s Ross Martin and was structured as a “Q & A forum,” allowing guests to ask the panelists questions relating to the results of the Leadership Talent Survey. The conversation is summarized in this document.
    Attraction and Retention The New Reality of Leadership
  • Alberta’s Energy Leaders – The New Reality: Attracting, Developing and Retaining Leadership Talent in Alberta’s Energy Industry
    Alberta’s energy industry is facing a leadership crunch. Given this new reality, Conroy Ross Partners recently surveyed both industry leaders and human resource professionals to determine what considerations are critical to attracting, developing and retaining leadership talent in Alberta’s energy industry.
    Alberta’s Energy Leaders
  • Prosper and Thrive in Today’s Economy
    Conroy Ross Partners examines how organizations can succeed in tough times and outlines their prosperity recipe, focusing on the best opportunities for significant improvement and the leadership circumstance required to make a successful change.
    Prosper and Thrive in Today’s Economy
  • Stimulating Innovation
    Utilizing both Conroy Ross Partners experience with their clients and John Lee’s experience as CEO of Communities of Tomorrow, this paper examines how to understand innovation and the five characteristics an organization should possess to stimulate innovation.
    On Leadership: Stimulating Innovation
  • Igniting Leadership
    Utilizing thoughts from both Conroy Ross Partners and Saskatchewan in Motion, this paper examines a different form of leadership. The concept, igniting leadership, is critical to creating whole system behavioural change and requires not one, but several leaders with a shared interest and mode of communication.
    On Leadership: Igniting Leadership
  • The Business of Philanthropy
    A look at the vital role trust plays both internally and externally in an organization and its impact on alignment and reputation from the standpoint of Judy Davis, President & CEO of the Hospitals of Regina Foundation and Conroy Ross Partners.
    On Leadership: The Business of Philanthropy
  • Community Building
    Conroy Ross Partners together with Pat Fiacco, Mayor of Regina, discuss the leadership traits that are critical to transformational change, with the greatest one being “ground vision,” or the ability to set high hopes for the future while also remaining deeply in touch with reality.
    On Leadership: Community Building


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