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Pondering Pachyderms and the Black Box of Succession

August 21, 2012

Ask four different people what succession planning is, and I guarantee that you’ll get four different answers.  AND each one of those people will declare with unmitigated certainty that they are absolutely right!  And probably, they are! Succession Planning is probably near the top of the list of the most overused business words used today. …

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On Compensation, Keeping Great People, and Old World Wisdom

February 3, 2012

I’m one of those lucky people who has a remarkable mentor.  At the end of every single lunch when we get together, I feel buoyed (we always laugh – a lot!), inspired, and that (as quickly as the world changes), there are just some basic fundamentals that never really vary. Bill tells the story of…

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Lessons From The Trenches – Exit Right!

September 9, 2011

In my last blog post (Lessons from the Trenches – Succession Gone Well) I shared the story of the founder who, upon generously offering stock in his highly profitable company to senior managers, was astonished by their utter refusal.  For that business leader, and other owners contemplating exit strategies, the key messages for finding and preparing…

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Lessons From The Trenches – Succession Gone Well!

July 29, 2011

Surprisingly, it’s rare that we are invited in to a company, which is going through succession, by the founder. More often, the invitation is via a discreet meeting initiated by a worried senior employee, or a frustrated family member who is anxious about their future and the future of the company. A recent exception was…

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Acquisition Annoucement

Optimum Talent Announces the Acquisition of Conroy Ross Partners

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Shake It: The Art of a Great Handshake

It is said that the practice of shaking hands originated in ancient times to show that you wished for a peaceful interaction and held no weapons in your hands.  Whatever the basis, the handshake has become one of few acceptable forms of physical contact between strangers, and leaves a lasting impression. As someone who shakes…

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