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President- Vantage Living


Vantage Living (formerly known as inSite Housing, Hospitality and Health Services Inc.) was formed in 2003 and is in its 14th year of business. Vantage Living provides a full scope of supportive housing, assisted living and complex care services for seniors throughout British Columbia and Alberta. They currently operate 7 residences in BC and AB.

Vantage Living currently has two corporate offices. The Vancouver based office houses Finance, Payroll and Administration while the Kelowna based office houses Operations, Human Resources, Marketing and Resident Services. The company employs a total of 367 employees.

Initially Vantage Living offered primarily operations management and mentorship services under contract to health authorities and the not-for-profit sector. More recently Vantage Living has replaced these offerings with owned and operated projects. Vantage Living continues to provide operations management services in select locations where the developer shares Vantage Living’s values and operating philosophy.

Whether operating market supportive housing, assisted living or complex care, Vantage Living’s values are captured in a philosophy and approach to care and service delivery which is centered on seniors and results in each senior enjoying a Vibrant Advantage™ experience. Vibrant Advantage™ is for, and focused on, seniors.

For further information about Vantage Living please visit their website at



A member of the Vantage Living Leadership Team, providing the key strategic leadership for growth; defining the key success factors for Vantage Living; maximizing enterprise value; building and maintaining successful relationships with Health Authorities and strategic partners, government officials, strategic contractors and strategic suppliers; and establishing/empowering a high-performance culture.



The position will include the following responsibilities:

Strategic Management:

  • Initiate and participate in the annual strategic planning process for Vantage Living;
  • Lead the planning team in the crafting of the strategic plan and bringing to the Advisory Board and Owner for input, review and approval;
  • Review and approve the annual business plan and operating budget for finalization prior to the new fiscal year;
  • Review and approve annual business plans and budgets for each direct report area;
  • Provide direction for necessary modifications to the strategic plan, business plan or operating budget as required during the fiscal year;
  • Lead monthly leadership team meetings to review progress on the strategic and business plan initiatives;
  • Ensure a succession plan for key positions within the organization;
  • Review and advise on recommended changes to the organizational structure to meet strategic goals and competitive challenges;
  • Identify corporate growth opportunities;
  • Oversee and direct the organization’s financial structure;
  • Liaise with financial stakeholders to maintain positive and leverageable relationships;
  • Liaise with Municipal and Provincial governments, Governmental Agencies (Health Authorities, etc.) and work to foster a collaborative relationship between them and Vantage Living;
  • Liaise with existing and prospective “strategic suppliers” and key Contractors to build/maintain collaborative working relationships;
  • Identify opportunities throughout the year to “share the vision” in all areas of the business, and proactively communicate growth and opportunity to employees; plan a regular schedule to meet with managers, personnel and local clients;
  • Monitor and identify trends in the Seniors Care Industry, local and regional economies, and provide direction for appropriate corporate responses; and
  • Attend quarterly Advisory Board meetings to update Board Members on business results, strategic progress and emerging industry trends/issues; provide Board Members with preparatory information.


Stewardship of Corporate Assets:

  • With the input of the Vice President, Support Services, Vice President, Finance and Vice President, Operations, develop a long-term strategic plan for assets, including realistic life expectancy, market appropriateness, and an asset replenishment plan which includes future operational specifications.


Operational Management:

  • Oversee all key corporate communications or requests by the media, particularly regarding client issues or families of clients’ issues;
  • Regularly review operating results throughout the organization, compare them to established objectives, and confirm that appropriate measures are taken;
  • Provide advice, guidance, direction and authorization for Vantage Living to carry out plans and procedures consistent with established policies;
  • Personally review, approve and sign off on all corporate purchases;
  • Review, approve and sign off on all RFQ’s, RFI’s, Proposals and Tenders;
  • Lead and approve any initiative to build, acquire and add major additions to Vantage Living’s facilities in all locations subject to above noted levels of authority;
  • Direct the development of organizational policies to enhance internal productivity;
  • Monitor Accreditation processes to ensure Vantage Living is successful;
  • Attend all sites at least twice a year to observe client satisfaction, staff engagement and identify any issues that can impact Vantage Living’s quality of care;
  • Determine when engaging legal counsel is necessary for Vantage Living’s progress or protection and approve the engagement; and
  • Approve Capital expenditures.


Business Development:

  • Participate in weekly review of business development opportunities;
  • Provide guidance, strategy or personal support to secure important business and ensure full occupancy;
  • Monitor client satisfaction levels and personally meet with senior level personnel in Health Authorities to support the business relationships;
  • Identify and proactively initiate public relations / community / industry participation and involvement to raise the level of visibility and enhance Vantage Living’s image on local and regional levels; and
  • Lead in the development of an Assisted and Independent Living product offerings appropriate for the specific market location and local competition.


Human Resources Management:

  • Responsible for the review and approval of hiring, promotions, dismissals, discipline and compensation reviews for all direct reports and their immediate subordinates;
  • Provide written and verbal performance evaluations for all direct reports;
  • Recommend direct reports’ compensation and incentive payments to Board for input;
  • Provide direction for the development of an annual staff performance bonus/incentive compensation plan;
  • Review and approve the Expense Reports of all direct reports;
  • Review and provide input on all written performance evaluations for immediate subordinates to direct reports;
  • Oversee a succession planning process for all Vantage Living leadership positions and ensure a “mentoring” process is in place for all high potential performers;
  • Lead and participate in the orientation, training and mentoring for all new leadership members;
  • Monitor staff satisfaction levels and ensure ongoing improvement to facilitate productivity, retention and high morale;
  • Contribute to the retention of new management employees (Managers and above) by creating a personal connection within their first month of employment through lunches, site meetings, phone calls, etc.;
  • Ensure the corporate values / standards of business conduct / human resource philosophy is understood, embraced and implemented throughout the firm; and
  • Ensure that key corporate values remain intact and serve to guide internal and external behaviors, actions and attitudes.



Success in the first year will be determined by the candidate’s ability to: 

  • Participate in finalizing the strategic plan, implement and execute the plan;
  • Build and lead a dynamic team to achieve occupancy, move-in and revenue targets;
  • Ensure execution of standards and strategies to support occupancy goals;
  • Ensure timely and consistent delivery of competitive analysis;
  • Fuel the growth that will focus on stepping out (but not entirely) of the “funded model” into the private pay independent living model;
  • Conceptualize, establish, implement, and execute a more deliberate business development plan;
  • Gain an understanding of potential M&A targets i.e. smaller organizations that do not have the resources to scale their business and that could assist Vantage Living in expanding their geographical footprint;
  • Take a hands-on approach to facility site visits with modeling of tours, sales calls, inquiries and follow up;
  • Build and maintain successful relationships with Health Authorities and strategic partners, government officials, strategic contractors and strategic suppliers;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with residents, family, and employees; and
  • Support the senior living communities, including independent living, assisted living, and skilled services.



The successful candidate will have the following:


  • Bachelor’s degree with concentration in Sales and Marketing, Communications or related field or the equivalent combination of education and experience; and
  • Strong understanding of Finance, Operations, and Facility Management is required.



  • Minimum 5 years of sales/marketing experience in Assisted Living and Independent Living is preferred;
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in a leadership position;
  • Minimum 10 years of experience managing multi-unit portfolios; and
  • Experience in healthcare, senior living industry, hospitality, or long-term care environment is mandatory.



  • Demonstrated strategic thinking ability with a strong entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Ability to handle Public Relations and Communications effectively and efficiently;
  • Demonstrated bureaucratic perspective when handling situations;
  • Strong planning, analytical skills, quantitative skills, and initiative required;
  • Prior experience in leading the assembly of complex requests for proposals (RFP’s);
  • Ability to formulate business plan including pro forma projections;
  • Excellent organization, communication and presentation skills;
  • Proven ability to work well with colleagues and influence cross-functional teams; and
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at a time.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AJKW-452417 President- Vantage Living, BC (CRPAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.

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