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Board Chair – Capital Region Board


The Capital Region Board (CRB) was created in April 2008 with the promulgation by the Province of Alberta of the Capital Region Board Regulation.

The CRB was mandated to guide the municipalities of the region in developing a long term, integrated management plan to support global competitiveness and sustained economic growth with particular attention to the economic, social, and environmental impacts on all region residents.

Established under the Capital Region Board Regulation 38/2012 under the Municipal Government Act, the CRB is a non-profit corporation consisting of 24 elected officials (Mayors and Council members) from each of the region’s member municipalities. The Regulation, as updated periodically by the Province, outlines the authorities and responsibilities of the Board including the requirement to prepare and implement a Growth Plan and the administration of the Regional Evaluation Framework. The Regulation and CRB Policies govern the overall operations of the Board.


The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is the dominant hub for northern Alberta and is globally recognized for its economic diversity, entrepreneurialism, leadership in energy development, environmental stewardship, and excellent quality of life.

The Region is anchored by a thriving core that is interconnected with diverse urban and rural communities.

As a Region we are committed to growing collaboratively through the efficient use of infrastructure, building compact communities, and fostering economic opportunities and healthy lifestyles.

For further information about the Capital Region Board, please visit their website at



The Capital Region Board is poised to commence a time of transition stemming primarily from:

  • The 2017 municipal elections;
  • A change in Board structure and mandate; and
  • The approval and implementation of the Growth Plan.

As a result of this transitionary period, the Board seeks to appoint a non-elected Board Chair to offer continuity and leadership through the process.

The Chair of the Capital Region Board is responsible to provide leadership to the Board to ensure its functions effectively. The Chair will lead the Board and Executive Committee to carry out governance functions, develop teamwork, and facilitate cohesive Board culture.

The Chair will ensure the Board satisfies the requirements of the Capital Region Board Regulation (the “Regulation”), as amended or replaced from time to time, and provide oversight of management.

The Chair will develop and maintain effective relationships and communication with member municipalities and key regional stakeholders.

The Chair will promote awareness of the Board’s mandate, goals, and outcomes of the Regulation.



The Board Chair is responsible to the members of the Capital Region Board to undertake the following:

Leadership and Governance

  • Support Board members in exercising of their fiduciary responsibilities under the Regulation;
  • Ensure the Board works as a cohesive body and provides the requisite leadership to achieve this;
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the resources available to the Board are adequate to support its work;
  • Ensure the Board acts and functions independently from management in fulfilling its fiduciary obligations;
  • On behalf of the Board, ensure that the Chief Executive Officer is satisfactorily carrying out his/her duties;
  • Provide advice, counsel, and mentorship to the CEO and members of the Board;
  • Serve as a representative of the organization;
  • Support Board members in advancing and achieving the Board mandate and regional priorities to the federal and provincial governments and other regional stakeholders;
  • Attend external events as needed;
  • Designated by the Board and in CRB policy as one of the signing officers for certain Board documents and financial matters; and
  • Act as the primary media spokesperson for the Board.

Board, Committee, and Task Force Meetings

  • Prepare for and preside over meetings of the Board and Executive Committee in accordance with the Regulation and CRB Policies;
  • Facilitate full and candid Board discussions, ensure all members express their views on key Board matters and assist the Board in achieving a consensus;
  • Prepare for and attend, as an ex-officio member, the Audit and Finance Committee;
  • Support task forces as identified in the task force terms of reference; and
  • Help ensure action items established by the Board are tracked and appropriate follow-up action is taken as necessary.

Management Relationship

  • Act as a liaison between the Board and management to ensure direction of the Board is understood and carried out; and
  • Ensure that the Board receives appropriate and timely information, materials and reports to permit the Board to discharge its duties and responsibilities.

Other Duties

  • In consultation with the Executive Committee, complete a CEO annual performance evaluation; and
  • Carry out other duties as requested by the Board as circumstances require.

NOTE: In accordance with CRB Policy G005, a non-elected Chair has no voting rights. The Chair will help facilitate the debate on matters before the Board.


Time Commitment

Properly performing the duties of the Chair will, on average, require a time commitment of approximately five to ten working days per month. The nature of the role and responsibilities of the position is such that the time commitment required will vary from month to month based on the activities and schedule of the CRB.



The successful candidate will have the following:

  • Demonstrates a passion and appreciation for the vision, mission, and values of the Capital Region Board;
  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the current and emerging issues affecting Edmonton Metropolitan Region;
  • Has strong communication skills and a good reputation within the region and communities served;
  • Has the ability to cultivate respectful and productive relationships based on integrity, impartiality, collaboration, and inclusiveness;
  • Has an understanding of governance, how a board operates, and the time commitment required;
  • Demonstrates accountability through clear communication, articulation of expectations and standards, a focus on solutions, and acceptance of responsibility for decisions; and
  • Has an understanding of stakeholder and community demographics, perspectives and needs, including the diversity of the population and stakeholder interests being served by the Capital Region Board.

The preferred candidate may also demonstrate the following experience and attributes:

  • Understanding of the region served and the diverse interests impacting the Capital Region Board;
  • Experience with strategic planning in a leadership role within a large organization with multiple stakeholders;
  • Experience and capacity to preside over, collaborate with, and, where necessary, mediate multiple interests that are involved in regional planning;
  • Financial literacy and financial management expertise; and
  • Demonstrated facilitation competencies and political acumen.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume in Word or PDF format to: Copy and Paste the following job title and code and place it in the subject line of your email so we can identify the job and confirm receipt of your application:
AAAR-501282 Board Chair – Capital Region Board, AB – Edmonton and Area (CRPAPPLY)

Please note that only those candidates meeting the selection criteria, established by our client, will be contacted further. Although we may not contact you directly for this particular role, all applications will be reviewed as we would like to consider you for future opportunities that may be appropriate. We encourage you to continue to visit our website at as our opportunities are updated on a regular basis.

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