Our consulting services are focused on leadership solutions that help organizations thrive.

Our search professionals are experts at recruiting great leaders and building their teams, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. Every CEO is provided with an important mandate to achieve, and supporting them to be successful in achieving it is critical. That is where our consulting team comes in. Our experienced consultants can help CEO’s fulfill their mandate by guiding them through the challenges of leadership and business. We do this by concentrating in three primary areas:

First, a strong relationship between the Board and CEO is critical to the health of the entire organization. Our team can work with both the Board and CEO to facilitate periodic feedback regarding performance to ensure that there is continual improvement and strong alignment between these two parties.

Second, the CEO needs to build and effectively lead a high performing executive team.  As your trusted advisor, our consulting team can support the CEO and executive leadership team to enhance their team effectiveness, facilitate setting of and alignment to strategic direction, and think through the appropriate design for the organization.

Lastly, CEO’s require a ‘purpose built’ team.  We can work with your organization to assess your leadership talent requirements and take a proactive, strategic approach to pulling together the right mix of people to support your business success.


Our Difference

We Collaborate. The first step in any engagement is to listen to you. We want to understand what you are trying to achieve, and why you decided to give us a call.  We’ll work together with you and your team, to create an exceptional, high quality work product.   We promise to work with you for the entire project, and you won’t be left wondering whether we made a bunch of recommendations just to sell the next consulting engagement. We do it with you, not to you.

We Provide Clear and Practical Recommendations. Less is often more. Keeping our recommendations simple, concise and to the point is often more difficult, but demonstrates clear thinking and provides you with recommendations you can actually understand and implement.

We Say Good Bye.  Our philosophy is to help you now, so that you can help yourself in the future. We structure our engagements so that we transfer the knowledge to you, and you can build the competency within your organization. No one likes a houseguest who overstays their welcome.

Transparent Billing.  We promise you’ll always know what your project will cost. In fact, we will structure a fee that works for you, as we don’t like charging by the minute. We’ve found that all that does is make people “afraid to talk to the consultants”.  And then we don’t get the information we need. And then we aren’t successful. So we’ve actually been conditioned to avoid six minute billing increments.

Acquisition Annoucement

Optimum Talent Announces the Acquisition of Conroy Ross Partners

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